Tile and Concrete

  • Graffiti Wall Protector

    Graffiti Wall Protector

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: GRAFFITI COATING is specially designed to protect masonry surfaces against graffiti defacement and easy removal. This system works well on brick, concrete and stone masonry to protect against graffiti markings.   Composition...

  • Suds Dud Suds Dud

    Suds Dud

    Foamy1 is a high-quality foaming agent, surfactant and scent cover designed to help cleaning solutions cling to the target surface. Foamy1 produces generous amounts of foam to prevent run off and improve the efficiency of your cleaning solutions...

  • Sniper Sniper


    Sniper is ideal for easy cleaning of ceramic tile surfaces and grout. Its specially formulated water-based cleaning solution quickly penetrates soil, loosening and lifting it for removal using the "spray and capture system." The chemical attacks dirt,...

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  • Grout Daddy Grout Daddy

    Grout Daddy

    Grout Daddy is a premier tile and grout cleaner with a special blend of surfactants that penetrate a suspend dirt grease and grime fast. Grout Daddy will restore the luster to your tile and grout, Grout Daddy is an alkaline powdered cleaner that is...

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  • Concrete Plus Concrete Plus

    Concrete Plus

    Concrete Cleaner is a high strength cleaner, specifically formulated to clean and whiten even the dirtiest sidewalks. Available in Powder or Liquid, Concrete Cleaner. lifts dirt particles off of the concrete so it can be easily washed away, leaving the...

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